13b Cautious acting

Görres confirmed the principle that a strong action generates a heavy opposite reaction. Thus, he wanted – in the aftermath of the fire of anger of the times of revolution and empire which consequently resulted in the forcible banishment of Napoleon – the rebirth of a social order to be a process in which all powers were balanced carefully. Görres thought that in history it is obvious that radical changes evoke megalomania and bring about the renunciation of the roots of humanity. Instead one must be serious about involving the well-being of others and meet their needs. To Görres this demand was the quintessence of the Christian message and premise of a working society. Although the European people officially profess to Christianity there still are shortcomings in the implementation. One does not recognize the good in a hectic world. It needs reflection to internalize it. The words of Christ are «the light that comes from hea- ven» – a non-materialistic principle which has to fill a house’s darkness be it a single state or the continent of Europe. In an ensouled building balance, honesty and appreciation could be found. There is an atmosphere that permits freedom of speech and he mutual correction of opinions. Thus solutions can be found which satisfy all inhabitants. A readiness to enter into dialogue precludes resentment, averts misuse of power and tyranny.