13a Civitatis corpus

In consideration of the French development during the 90s, the protection of the social groups became of great importance to Görres. The acts of violence towards nobility and clergy first shook the nation and finally Europe. Görres was aware of the fact that along with the issue of classes the property of the people was challenged at the same time. He also wanted to stick to the status quo in this case, but he emphasized the implementation of the achievement principle. Thus, assets would be shared more justly. Wealthy people are asked neither to hoard nor to squander their money. Instead of that their affluence should be invested to be profitable for all. The circulation of blood strengthens the body – and it is the same with invested money. Competition is the best way of eliminating the accumulation of wealth and «eruptions of avarice». There must not be mono- polies, punitive laws or exclusion - for example by guilds. Everyone has to have the right «to run a business for which he has talent». That way every individual could pursue his own disposition and the outcome would be useful to the whole society.