8b Romanticism

The main topics of romanticism are emotion and passion as well as mental and personal experiences. It is a reaction to the dominance of the philosophy of reason and classicism as a form of art which is geared to the stringent antique forms. Desire, mystery and secrets were at the very fore. Romanticists felt a break which separated reality into the world of reason and the world of emotion. Folk dances and traditional fairytales were taken up and appreciated as an expression of an authentic but repressed sphere. The driving force of the German Romanticism was the desire for a cure of the world and a consolidation to a harmonious entity. A lot of motifs can be found in art. For example the «Blue Flower» which is a symbol for longing and love, the metaphysical pursuit of infinity. The blue rose which cannot be cultivated embodies the goal which is desirable and inaccessible at the same time. The wayfarer wavers between wanderlust and homesickness, is in search of something and breaks conventions. He is unwilling to be bound and roams nature – the genuine, the width which opposes civilization. The mirror and the doppelganger refer to self-awareness, wisdom and truth. Night is used as a scene of experience, an occasion to encounter the mental principle, a higher power.