7b Narrative tradition

Traditional narration describes the successful conditioning of human existence against the background of experiences which our forefathers made. It informs about right and wrong, factors that lead to failure. That way it becomes obvious which goals our forefathers pursued and why it is reasonable to redo history with the same standards and build on the former successes. Experiences were put in thrilling stories, magical elements, events which contrasted the daily world or sinister persons and situations were to draw attention. Cognition is compromised remembered and bequeathed. Thus a fictional narration is true since it transports worldly wisdom. A real description of chances and dangers are guaranteed. Simply speaking, a myth does not describe facts, but shows good and evil. It builds a bridge to the forefathers, creates identitiy and offers a basis for action. It is the plenitude of experience which had been felt and reflected. In Görres’ opinion this process is firmly connected to transcendence. Every time people deal with Creation, with the soul of man it is cognition of God. In all myths and legends there are traces of holiness. Everything spiritual emanates from the same power.