6b The spirit of people

Johann Gottfried von Herder (1744-1803) regarded language as source and field of development of human cogitation. An establishment of the society can be done by its power. It is needed to pursue researches or to develop «ideas of mind». It forms the character, strengthens the belief, arouses politeness and sympathy. At the same time it is the language of memory and ensures every cultural community. Within the human ability to speak the imagination that man was created in God's image becomes obvious. Man does have the ability to produce sounds like other crea- tures, but only he is able to form words and sentences by himself. Only the «work of God, the human soul», which is «the image of His being», can «create and develop language» simply by being aware of the Creation. Its power lets us comprehend things makes the world subdued. Herder thought language was evoked by emotional condition. He recognized that its genesis was not uninfluenced by its surroundings. Concrete sceneries contribute to the development. People with the same geographic position feature identicalness when it comes to feeling and congruence in speech. Thus Herder found a definition for «people» and consequently believed in the existence of such a thing as a «people’s soul». The national conditions of existence could not be guaranteed by politics which use «violence, war and fraud». Also the contract concluded with diplomacy would not improve the situation; the emotional bond must be aroused.