5a A republic in danger

In the 90s it stayed open whether the Revolution was to continue or not. The requests of the «feuillants» (liberal nobility and people of the upper class) were granted so that they forced the end of the overthrow by the constitution of 1791. The social problems persisted and the call for a redistribution of wealth still was topical. The constitution of the 22nd of September 1794 set up the Directory which was the highest governmental body of the French Republic. But it was too weak to adjust the differences. Furthermore the republic was threatened by foreign powers. In 1793 the fall of Paris lay ahead and the acts of war on French territory caused famine and crime. The advocate Robespierre (1758-1794) chaired the Committee of Public Safety which was founded during this existential crisis. The resistance which formed in the country and was supported by the Royalists has been put down by continuous cruelty. From the 23rd of August 1793 the levee en masse was implemented. The nation was able to defeat the foreign enemies of the republic because of their increased troops. The dangers seemed to be averted but the awareness that the achieved goals could be endangered, evoked an aggressive atmosphere of mistrust and a disposition to use violence.