4b Criticisms of the occupying force

Görres emphasized that his criticism was by no means hostility against the French. The only reason for his attacks is the fact that they held the most powerful positions: Given the fact that locals were not at all taken into account when it came to responsible positions, chances are that the rearrangement of the society was not their goal in the first place but rather the exploitation of the occupied territory. The tribunals which were to punish and thus disable any malpractice of the occupants would not reveal the misdemeanors that are based on the «greed for gold». Besides the trials took place in secrecy. Görres criticized the missing transparency and the tactics of «wheeling and dealing in darkness». He presumed that the property of the people from the Rheinland could be plundered unscrupulously. An improve- ment of the situation was expected from the affiliation to France. By this means the inhabitants were to be regarded as equal citizens and not as a member of a defeated nation. In November 1799 Görres travelled to Paris. He was an insider of a legation and wanted to request for an annexation of the Rhineland. During this stay he intended to express palpable complaints of the people of Koblenz who suffered from the occupation.