3a Creatura verbi

Especially protestant theology describes church as «creaturi verbi» (creation of words). It preserves itself by words in two aspects: On the one hand it is founded on the basis of the words that Jesus spoke and receives the words that characterize his life and works (Gospel). On the other hand reflections about his life have to be regarded: The Scriptures of the New Testament, the doctrines of the fathers of the church, the personal evidence of history and present as well as the Christian heritage of songs and thoughts. All these aspects are the basis of a denomination. The tradition which particularly is emphasized in Catholicism therefore is an essential element for the churchly reality. There were more catholic attributes which Görres wanted to maintain: the amplitude of art and the public presence, its representation and the pervading of everyday life. Concerning Protestantism which retreats into privacy he appreciated humbleness, devoutness and modesty. Luther’s veraciousness opposed the consolidation of clerical life, hypocrisy and selfishness, blindness and empty phrases. The Reformation was reasonable and both denominations could learn from each other. Every aspect has its function and inspiration. Together they would compose a greater whole by congenial supplementation.