1b Logos

According to the Jewish faith the world has been created by the one and true God. The Creator who gives living space and freedom acts upon history to secure the conditions that guarantee a dignified life. The powerful epiphany of God accompanies the preservation of country and law (Exodus). In this context the Eternal reveals how the positive relation of men among each other and to God has to be established. The revelation is demonstrated in the Thora (instruction). The godly word is according to Jewish-Christian understanding interpreted and proclaimed by the prophets who involve the present. The individual conduct of one’s life and the rules of the community have to correspond to the laws (lógos). In the Jewish faith compliance promises mercy and blessing. Lógos cannot be reduced to doctrines according to its Greek meaning. It also means language, sense and reason – the mental which man can understand and implement to create things. Christianity developed the lógos understanding further to an incarnation doctrine. The Gospel of John says «the word became flesh» (Joh 1, 14). Jesus of Nazareth is connected to the godly entity to such an extent that his doctrine and his actions are congruent with the revealed will of God. The whole existence of Jesus has a godly character. The numinous can be experienced by thinking about his way of being and the imitation of his actions. A holy ghost who brings good consequently is present.